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A variety of bonds and guarantees are required by a wide range of industries. Secure Trade Credit is a specialist in this area and is able to help clients put in place bond facilities with the surety market thus freeing up bank credit facilities.
Credit Insurance cannot stop buyers from going under
but  it can stop the buyer taking you with them. 

Our clients include construction, civil engineering and facilities management companies whose commonest requirements are for Performance Bonds. For House Builders and Developers we can also help by arranging Highways Act Bonds. In the Engineering sector we frequently help with Advance Payment Guarantees normally required where a client has asked for up front payments tohelp finance production costs and the buyer seeks protection for his money.

Some companies, by virtue of their trading activities, will be obliged to purchase specific bonds to enable them to obtain their licences (as with travel companies, or companies involved in waste disposal or transfer operations). Others will be involved in importing or the wine and spirits industry and may have substantial customs bond requirements. Here again we can help by arranging facilities with the surety market and helping to keep those bank credit lines free for working capital.

Secure Trade Credit has access to a well developed specialist surety market in the UK, and in both Europe and the United States and can negotiate competitive terms and ensure that clients have adequate facilities for their needs.

Secure Trade Credit can arrange a variety of different options, from insuring all of a client's buyers to just a single account. Another benefit is that credit insurance  may encourage a lender to increase facilities. 





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